2020-05-07 11:35News

Coala Life and Perry Community Hospital pioneer new rural telemedicine program

Coala Life, the Swedish innovator in remote cardiac and respiratory monitoring and Perry Community Hospital of Tennessee are jointly launching the Perry Virtual remote monitoring program to help improve outcomes for rural Americans.

More than 46 million Americans, or 15% of the US population, live in rural areas, according to the CDC. Rural Americans face numerous cardiovascular and respiratory health threats as opposed to those in metropolitan areas. Prevalence of COPD among rural residents is almost double that of most urban areas. Rural Americans are more likely to die from heart disease, stroke, cancer, or chronic lower respiratory disease than their urban counterparts.

Perry Virtual will be the first rural healthcare program in the US to use the Coala Heart Monitor (“Coala”) to remotely follow rural patients with COPD, cardiac disease and other morbidities with real-time monitoring from the safety of their own homes. The Microsoft Azure-based cloud platform enables specialized physicians to collaborate and access data remotely.

“We are pioneering rural health by providing state-of-the-art medical solutions to the patients that need it the most. The goal is to prove the reduction in admission rates, improved clinical management, reduction in use of medications and increased quality of life”, comments Liane Parker, COO of Perry Community Hospital, a privately-owned hospital based in Linden, Tennessee.

Coala Life recently announced expanded indications of the Coala, supported by FDA’s new Emergency Guidance striving to help battle COVID-19. This includes the ability to use the Coala for virtual heart and lung monitoring, as well as detection of nine different heart arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation (AF).

Perry Virtual is commencing patient recruitment immediately and will initially include Medicare patients.

About Coala Life

Coala Life was founded in Sweden with a mission to develop patient-centric solutions powered by smart algorithms. The company is on a mission to digitally transform the field of cardiac diagnostics, to help win the battle against the world’s leading cause of death - heart disease. The Coala Heart Monitor was released in 2017 and is used by thousands of users and over 200 connected providers to help detect early signs of heart disease and alleviate worries. We make it possible for everyone to monitor and analyze their heart. Anytime, anywhere.


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