2020-11-23 13:54News

First patient-reported feasibility study of Coala published in BMJ

In the recently published TEASE-study (BMJ Open, Aug 2020) the Coala Heart Monitor was used to evaluate 100 patients over 28 days following cryptogenic stroke. The second publication (BMJ Open, Oct 2020) now reports the results of the patients’ own stated experience of using the Coala.

In summary, the stroke patients reported very high satisfaction with the Coala. The Coala was reported easy to use and that it increased the feel of security. Overall, patient feasibility was very high, and the researchers concluded that Coala is an excellent, patient-friendly device for monitoring stroke patients.

The publication is available for download here.

About Coala Life

Coala Life was founded in Sweden with a mission to develop patient-centric solutions powered by smart algorithms. The company is on a mission to digitally transform the field of cardiac diagnostics, to help win the battle against the world’s leading cause of death - heart disease. The Coala Heart Monitor was released in 2017 and is used by thousands of users and over 200 connected providers to help detect early signs of heart disease and alleviate worries. We make it possible for everyone to monitor and analyze their heart. Anytime, anywhere.


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