2019-11-22 16:22Press release

Aleris and Coala Life in collaboration to digitize cardiac care


STOCKHOLM, November 22, 2019 – Implementation of the Coala Heart Monitor leads to higher clinical efficiency, lower costs, shorter waiting lists and higher patient satisfaction. That is the results of a clinical evaluation performed at the Cardiology Clinic at Aleris Sabbatsberg.

In 2019, Aleris Cardiology Clinic at Sabbatsberg hospital used Coala Heart Monitor to perform digital arrhythmia assessments on 100 patients, each of whom were followed over a period of 14 days. The new method has enabled intermittent ECG recordings in the home environment to detect and diagnose different types of arrhythmias.

The evaluation shows that Coala has contributed to higher clinical efficiency, lower costs, shorter waiting lists and higher patient satisfaction. The possibility to clinically diagnose patients throughout the entire evaluation period, decreased the need to send patients for referral to additional ECG assessments outside the Cardiology Clinic.

- With the Coala we have improved patient engagement during arrhythmia assessments, strengthened their feeling of security and substantially decreased the number of referrals to Holter ECG’s, says Irina Barbici, MD, Specialist in cardiology and internal medicine at Aleris.

- We are very pleased to have clinically demonstrated how digital, patient-centered innovations have the potential to radically increase the effectiveness of cardiac care. Together with Aleris, we have now confirmed a care process that the whole world can benefit from, says Dan Pitulia, CEO Coala Life AB.

The results of the clinical evaluation of Coala at Aleris Sabbatsberg are summarized below:

  • More efficient arrhythmia assessments with significant savings in working hours for both cardiologists and nurses.
  • Shorter waiting times for the patients and a reduced need for referrals to external ECG assessments.
  • Increased patient engagement and higher satisfaction. Furthermore, the clinic experienced that is was easier to to establish a good and close relationship with the patients.
  • Coala freed up time for physical meetings with the patients, which reduced patient anxiety and therefore the number of anxiety-related phone calls to the clinic decreased.

Aleris Cardiology Clinic are now using a number of Coalas in their clinical practice and continue to use the system for remote, real-time ECG monitoring and detection of arrhythmia.

To take part of the clinical evaluation, click here.

For more information, please contact:
Dan Pitulia, CEO Coala Life AB, +46 70 972 0838, dan.pitulia@coalalife.com
Sara Karlsson, Head of Operations Aleris Fysiologlab, +46 8 128 695 11, sara.karlsson@aleris.se

About Coala Life:

Coala Life is a Swedish digital health venture focused on cardiac diagnostics and digital health. The company has developed a portfolio of patented medical products and services for user-centered digital remote monitoring and screening of the heart based on advanced and smart algorithms. Coala’s solutions enable analysis, remote monitoring, more effective cardiac assessments and integrated care services, all in real time. Coala was named one of five global Cool Vendors within the Health and Wellness market by Gartner Group in 2018 and recognized as of the 100 Global Leaders in Digital Health by the Journal of mHealth. Follow your Heart® www.coalalife.com

About Aleris:

Aleris is one of Scandinavia's leading private healthcare providers. The business includes healthcare and diagnostics in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Aleris offers high quality services to public healthcare, to insurance companies and to patients who pay for their own health care. Aleris business concept is to provide opportunities for a better and healthier life and contribute to increase social benefits through innovative solutions. High quality services is a prerequisite for our business. Specialists in cardiology and nurses with long experience of cardiovascular disease work at the Cardiology Clinic at Aleris Sabbatsberg. Aleris has a turnover of SEK 4.4 billion and is owned by Triton. www.aleris.se

About Coala Life

Hjärt- och kärlsjukdomar är en av de främsta anledningar till att människor dör världen över. Anledningen är i många fall en sen diagnos. Coala Life bildades 2004 av läkare och svenska entreprenörer för att ändra på det. Nu är resultatet här. Genom att ersätta ett analogt verktyg från 1800-talet, stetoskopet, med en digital lösning som både registrerar hjärtljud, EKG och hjärtfrekvens. En unik lösning som både lyssnar, mäter och analyserar, och som möjliggör att många hjärtsjukdomar kan upptäckas och behandlas i tid. Bland annat förmaksflimmer som ökar risken för stroke betydligt. En rad patent ligger till grund för detta svenska världsunika system, Coala, som gör det möjligt för var och en att själv screena och följa sitt hjärta, i tät kontakt med läkare och kardiologer.